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    Inauguration of Governor Alex Oti, Abia State Breeds Hope For Eastern Nigeria as Datti and others attend.
    A view from Umuahia Township Stadium which was completly overcrowded on Monday May 29th 2023 as Governor Alex Oti was sworn in indicated a solid show of soliderity and love for the Governor by the people and friends of Abia State, Nigeria. Gov. Oti addressing the people said " there will be constant distraction from those who say that Abians should go back to Egypt, they will prefer we stay in darkness than fly with Angels. Someone should go and tell them that we have decisively broken free from our bondage... we will no longer serve Pharoh" View more
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    Akuko Uwa N' Igbo Basics bu nta akuko puru iche IGBO BASICS na ewetara ndi Igbo na ndi ozo site na uwa gburugburu. Akuko uwa in Igbo language is a world wide unique news segment of Igbo Basics. Read more
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    IPOB dissociates from Biafra Government in Exile
    The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), yesterday, dissociated from a group it referred to as “Biafra Government in Exile.” IPOB Spokesman, Emma Powerful, in a statement, said its attention has been drawn to “online inauguration of autopilot group called Biafra Government in Exile and their Liberation Army.” He stated that these people are double agents sponsored by Nigerian government to ridicule IPOB, which has failed on arrival. He stated that though IPOB has consistently dissociated from the autopilot groups, “ these agent provocateurs keep associating their criminal activities and actions to IPOB, Eastern Security Network (ESN) and Nnamdi Kanu, because they were sent to distract and deter our movement. Read more
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    Nrụrịtaụka BBC Igbo: Gịnị mere onye Igbo ịbụ onyeisiala ji ewu ugbua?
    Nrụrịtaụka BBC Igbo: Kedụ ihe mere onye Igbo ịbụ onyeisiala Naịjirịa ji ewu ugbua? Bịa soro mkparịtaụka anyị dịka Pete Edochie, Uche Nworah, Chinwendu Nduka Edede, Anne Maduako na James Ogbuka Umekwe na-etinye ọnụ n’okwu a. Read more
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    Reconnection & Naming Ceremonies
    8th (Virtual) Igbo World Festival of Arts & Culture (2021) The Council of Igbo States in Americas (CISA) cordially invites you to the 2021 Virtual Igbo World Festival of Arts, Language and Culture. The 2021 Festival will be a virtual (online) event. A Zoom conference access code will be published on this page before the Festival date. Join us at the 2021 Virtual Igbo World Festival of Arts & Culture. Read more Read more
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    David Hundeyin on Bola Tinubu's scandals & the future of investigative journalism in Nigeria.
    Investigative journalist David Hundeyin of West African Weekly talked about Bola Tinubu's scandals and the future of investigative journalism in Nigeria under Bola Tinubu's presidency. Meanwhile, in Tinubu's INEC form EC9 declaration, he stated under oath that he had not obtained any other citizenship. David Hundeyin joined us on 90MinutesAfrica to discuss the latest development. From his work on the Chicago heroin trafficking ring of the 90s that had Bola Tinubu forfeit $460,000 to the US Justice Department View more...

Implications of Going Abroad For Men by Chief Lekwa O. Lekwa


Dele Farotimi on permanent transformations Peter Obi has brought to Nigeria's politics.

Inyang Ume Olugu Ace Broadcaster Radion Nigeria
"Her name hardly rings a bell these days, but Chief Mrs Inyang Olugu left an indelible mark in broadcasting in Nigeria as the first woman to read national news on radio.Presentation".  


Akuko Uwa N' Igbo Basics returns

Princess Hotels and Suites Igbere Abia State Nigeria

Princess Hotel Igbere

Princess Hotels and Suites Igbere is one of the newest leading hotels and hospitality resort in South-Eastern Nigeria.
Chanelle Solicitors

Chanelle Solicitors

Chanelle Solicitors is a full service law firm established to provide personalized, quality legal advisory services to our clients.

Flora Ilonze Heads 15 Member Traditional Medicine Board

Zoning and Its Ugly Cosequences

On my way to the annual Fanti festival, held recently at Igbosere in Lagos Island during which Lafiaji boys led by my friend, Muyiwa Adejokun lost to the Campus boys, I sighted the LAPAL House.
The house is now abandoned. LAPAL House is a 12-storey building on Lewis street Lagos Island. .....more

Gov. Soludo Why? Why Are You Doing This? Who Is Beating This Drum?
Rudolf and Prof.Onyeka
Spotlight on the Book of Zebrudaya at 90 Minutes Africa with Dr. Damages and Prof Onyeka Nwelue

Seven Political Parties Merge To Become '3rd Force' Mega Party
In a bid to put up a stronger fight against the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and frontline opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Seven political parties have joined forces ahead of the upcoming 2023 general elections.
According to a communique on Monday, the coalition said it took 15 months of deliberations and agreements, for the Allied Political Parties and the National Consultative Front, comprising of 6 parties, to decide to join forces with the Labour Party to present a joint Presidential Candidate for the 2023 polls.

Read more

Alaigbo Development Foundation

Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) Professor Uzodimma Nwala, Ex Commissioner for Works in Anambra State Madam Chika Ibeneme and many more.



Justice Abai Ikwechegh (OFR)
A Biography as published by his family on April 5, 2021.
Justice and SANS

On the way to final internment, it is not a common occurrence for Valedictory court session to hold, but on April 1, 2021 a Valedictory court session was held at the Judicial High Court Umuahia Abia State Nigeria, an area where Justice Abai Ikwechegh once presided. Legal luminaries at the Valedictory Court session at Umuahia in honour of Hon. Justice Abai Ikwechegh, JCA, OFR. included Chief Chris Uche, SAN, Gordy Uche, SAN, Mr. Uchenna Ihediwa (Attorney General, Abia State), Chief Okey Amaechi, SAN, Prof. Ernest Ojukwu, SAN, and Chief Solo Akuma, SAN. Ikwechegh was laid to rest at his country home “Abuoma Nke Nna Anyi” in a mausoleum, Read more


Clement Eze Honored

Clem Eze Enyi-Ezike Ohumola Igbere


Achebe Chinua

by: Okay Achebe, a nephew of Chinua Achebe lives in New Jersey.

For someone so published as you, it is difficult to write anything about you that have not been written. Nevertheless, I have to bid my Uncle Chinua farewell with a few words.
My older siblings always shared pleasant memories of your holidays/visits with them when they were growing up. They would recount how you would indulge them with nice things. My brother Ezenwata Dr. Emaka Achebe could not stop telling the whole world how you bought him his first Conway Stewart Pen. This pen ranks up there with the likes of Parker Pen. I thought that all your nephews and nieces around my age were the unlucky ones because we came along shortly before you started your family therefore devoted more time to your family.