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Igbo Celebration

Igbo Celebration

Ohafia Bende War Dance by Ohamadike International Ikpirikpe Ogu

Igbo Celebration Igbo Celebration
Igbo Celebration Igbo Celebration
Igbo Celebration
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Igbo Celebration

Igbo Celebration


Justice Agbai Ikwechegh

Nigeria Consulate

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Focus: Ebonyi State

Maria Ude Nwachi a.k.a Afikpo Chic sets big sister example innaugurates school project




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Ikenna Azuike

Francisca Okeke

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"Easy to Learn" Igbo
Alexander N Iheke

'Speak Igbo language,
made easy, jisie ike'

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After 18 years baby was born to Dcn Gordin & Mrs. Nwako (Video)

Caribbean Carneval Celebrated (click video)

His Royal Highness, the Cornerback: Prince Amukamara
Prince Amukamara

Professor, Sir Cyril C. Nwako (Ph.D.)
(Ichie Ezenwude Na Abagana)

Professor Cyril Nwako

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WETATi International Women's Conference 2013

On March 29-30, hundreds of delegates from the United States, Africa and the Caribbean will descend on Linthicum, Maryland to attend the 2nd annual WETATi International Women's Conference. The conference will be held at the Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Airport Hilton. WETATi stands for Women Empowered To Achieve The Impossible. The theme of this year's conference is "Woman Power: Front and Center in the 21st Century-the mindset of a WETATi Woman." (click for details)

Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe
Professor Chinua Achebe

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Ikenna Azuike



Nigeria Navy immortalizes late ex-Imo Military Governor Commodore Amadi Ikwechegh


Southeast governors unleash Ebube Agu to tackle rising unrest

97 Footprints as Justice Abai Ikwechegh joins his ancestors

Footprints of Justce Abai Ikwechegh

Justice Abai Ikwechegh was a pillar of justice and a trailblazer in Eastern Nigeria and Nigeria, in general. He was an honest man to the core, an epitome of integrity, a Christian of the highest order who communed with God until the end of his life.

Through faith and strong belief in God’s guidance he handled legal and other matters that other Justices dared not adjudicate.  If you came to his court with clean hands, you would be set free, but if you were corrupt and came with a bribe to offer, you would be jailed.

As we go through a month long preview until April 5 for the burial of a great Igbere man, a true son of Bende LGA, a man of honor, a Justice of pride for Abia State and Eastern Nigeria who will receive a statesman internment, we encourage all friends and well wishers of Justice Abai Ikwechegh to reach out and send condolences to the family through
Dr. Obi Ikwechegh
Phone 336 926 3627


Open grazing not sustainable, say northern governors

Open grazing not sustainable


2023: Igbo should negotiate power with other zones – Ex-CJ, Umeadi

Ex-CJ, Peter Umeadi

December 23, 2020 HRH Charles Iheke Final Journey from Aba, through Bende LGA HQ to Igbere, Abia State
A Royal Transition

Funeral Service and Interment of HRH Eze Charles Onwukwe Iheke

Bende Council of Ndi Eze


Funeral Service and Internment for HRH Eze Charles Onwukwe Iheke, Nkalukwu 1 of Amankalu Igbere, Bende LGA, Abia State, Nigeria on December 24, 2020
A Royal Transition

Funeral Service and Interment of HRH Eze Charles Onwukwe Iheke

Finally laid to rest


Legendry Mazi Ukonu Exit

Mazi Ukonu

Democrats take control of the Senate
Wornock and Ossof


HRH Eze Charles Iheke Memorial Journal A Royal Transition

Flavor of Africa at BBC Igbo

Click to view the Memorial Journal Igbo Legacy


Flavor of Africa at BBC Igbo

Chinedu Izuchukwu Okolie a.k.a Flavor of Africa

Mkparịtaụka BBC Igbo na Flavor (Chinedu Okolie) nwere n'ụbọchị 3 Decemba, 2020
Mkparịtaụka BBC Igbo na Flavour Nabania (Chinedu Okolie) nwere n'abalị atọ nke ọnwa D…

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Biden wins

Diaspora Igbo seeks restructured Nigeria

Dr Nwachukwu Anakwanze Onowu Abagana

Two Nigerians, Agbaje, Oye win in U.S. election

US presidential election 2020: Three women from Nigeria wey

Options for Africa as U.S. votes

Biden Vs Trump 2020

Desecration of temple of justice, ominous sign of the danger ahead

Court burnt in Lagos eEndsars

Okonjo-Iweala not yet DG as Trump throws spanners in the works

Okonjo-Iweala elected WTO DG

‘They responded by killing us’: Nigerians seek to end police brutality with protests

Nigeria EndSars Update

#EndSARS: UN calls for an end to police abuses in Nigeria

IGP bows to pressure, dissolve SARS

Nigeria's Independence

Trump quarantines as virus situation worsens in Europe

President Trump tests positive for covid-19

October 1 protests hit Abuja, southern states

Nigeria's Independence

Gowon, Jonathan join Buhari for Independence Day celebrations

Not a time for lamentation, please!

Buhari takes swipe at Obasanjo, Yar’Adua, Jonathan in Independence Day speech

Nigeria's Independence

Click to watch 1960 event, please ignore the initial few seconds of political Ad in youtube, the real video will show.

Buhari, Jonathan, Atiku, others applaud as Obaseki returns

Igbo Basics Interview Series: Chief Chika Okpala, a.k.a Zebrudaya Okoroigwe Nwogbo alias 430 with Opiegbe at Igbo Basics Studios in New Jersey USA.

Discussion on Mazi Ukonu, Igbo Culture, Ugorji Eke Omefuru onye odiri. An interview prelude to the launching of Mazi Ukonu book, Journey from Medicine to Theater Arts. Click image for details

Bishop T. D. Jakes bu onye Igbo

World famous preacher Bishop T.D. Jakes traces his ancestral root to the Igbo tribes of Nigeria after under going a DNA test with Quincy Jones and Opera Winfrey.

2023 and discordant tunes from Southeast


"Ndị Yoroba ka ndị Igbo ghọta ndọrọndọrọ ọchịchị." - Onowu Abagana bụ Nwachukwu Anakwenze


Nigerian Government reacts to viral hydroxychloroquine video

Kalu’s release: Yerima thanks northern elders, accuses APC leaders from South of conspiracy

Orji Kalu released from prison

Kalu out of Kuje prison

Court orders Kalu’s release from prison

IWA Raises Alarm Over Migration Of Northern Youths To Southern Nigeria

Dr. Nwachukwu Anakenze (Onowu Abagana)

LAGOS- Following the unusual mass movement of able-bodied youths from the far North to the Southern Nigeria, Igbo World Assembly, IWA, the Umbrella organization that represents the Apex National Igbo Organizations in the diaspora has raised alarm, saying that the movement was  an ominous sign that something sinister might be in the offing.



HRH Eze Charles Onwukwe Iheke, Nkalu-ukwu 1 of Amankalu Igbere commended in Elizabeth, New Jersey


Chief, Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman (Agu-Di-Na-Mba of Amankalu Igbere) and Lolo Janice Spearman were in the City of Elizabeth, New Jersey on Friday, March 20, 2020 to receive honors on behalf of late HRH Eze Charles Onwukwe Iheke, Nkalu-ukwu 1 of Amankalu Igbere, Abia State, Nigeria. Reverend Dr. Anthony Spearman who is President of the NAACP, North Carolina State Conference and a kinsman of the Iheke family was welcomed at Elizabeth City Hall by Hon. Council Woman-At-Large Patricia Perkins-Auguste and members of Committee of Friends For HRH Eze Charles Iheke amongst whom were: Dr. Harris Enabulele, Chief Veronica Anyanwu Iruwa, Mrs. Barbara Miller, Deacon Gordin Nwako, and Fr. Steve Aribe.

About Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman

After finding through DNA analysis that he had Igbo ancestors, he made contact with Past District Governor Lemmy Ijioma of Rotary District 9120 who was able to reconnect him with his ancestral base.
On arrival in Igbere, he was taken to the local stream to have a swim (bath). This is an African tradition that requires that any descendant who had wandered away must be purified by this “bath” before he/she is re-accepted as part of the community. Shortly afterwards he was greeted by the entirety of the Amankalu Igbere Autonomous Community and embraced by Eze Charles Iheke himself.  Dr. Spearman was then made a chief and given the title of Agu Di Na Mba (The lion that is in a foreign land) and immediately inducted as one of the Cabinet Chiefs.

Click image for details

America and Nigeria flags displayed at the City council Chambers in Elizabeth NJ 3/ 20/ 2020. l-r Chief Alexander Iheke(Opiegbe) Publisher of Igbo Basics, Hon. Council Woman-At-Large Patricia Auguste-Perkins, Lolo Janice Spearman, Dr. Harris Enabulele, Chief, Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman (Agu-Di-Na-Mba), President NAACP North Carolina State Conference

Mazi. Anyaogu Elekwachi Ukonu turns 90 today

Mazi Ukonu Big 80
[3/6, 6:05 AM] Lemmy Ijioma: Mazi. Anyaogu Elekwachi Ukonu turns 90 today
He was a producer of one of the greatest TV shows _ UKONU 'S CLUB in the 60s and 70s. His programs were carried live by the ECBS
Ukonu studied Theater Arts in LA took part in many Hollywood movies and TV shows. One of his most celebrated movies was in Robinson Crusoe' s Man Friday


From Chieftaincy to Kingdom Part 2



Igbo Culture and Religious Practices on Display During Black History Month

Catholic Advocate
The Catholic Advocate


   To learn more information about the church, visit

(click on picture for details)

Exit of Professor Amagh Nduka, Africa's foremost Nuclear Scientist

Professor Amagh Nduka, Africa's foremost Nuclear physicists
Photo credit: Igbo Basics 2010 at Owerri Nigeria

Prof Amagh Nduka was born in Amankalu, Igbere, in Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria.

Professor Nduka made many outstanding contributions to science. Most profound is his theory: The Absolute Theory of Science. This theory subsumes all other theories in science, including his Third Revolution Theory in Science after the order of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein (i.e. first and second revolution respectively). This theory, the absolute theory of science, explains (theoretically and mathematically) nuclear physics, atomic physics, boson physics, nuclear fussion, astrophysics and elementary particle physics – areas of physics which its theorization has since the 1920’s remained static. The theory also provides, for the first time ever, explanations to boson and fermio-boson physics – areas which have eluded physicists since the inception of physical enquiry.

He also created an entirely new mathematics called discrete geometry or quantum mathematics, with which arsenal he made yet another striking contribution by giving a formal theoretical calculation of the mass of the neutrino – one of the most controversial in particle physics.

There is no doubt that Professor A. Nduka gave a very interesting and mind-expanding lecture, and if his theories are applied into physics, it means that many of the things in conventional literature will only be for the trashcan. In other words, a total overhaul of science is mandatory. The import of this is that everybody goes back to school! Another interesting thing (if not unfortunate) is that he is the only authority in the world in what he has done. According to him “What we have done puts Nigeria as number one in science, and I am the only authority in the world in it”. This may seem extravagant, but if you go through some of his recent papers, you would see that there is no mention of any black (not African or American) in all his references, and that validates the point that he is indeed a world-authority in his chosen areas.

It is really not surprising that the works and theories of A. Nduka do not ring much bell today. The reason is simple: the overwhelming economic and political clout of the scientists or their disciples whose work he has disproved. Some of these people are Nobel laureates and are dominant in the world’s scheme of things in science. It will certainly require another generation of physicists or scientists that would grow up to apply his theories. But one thing is clear: his works take science a hundred years ahead. According to him, “We are the pioneers of the future, with the aim of constructing a physical theory appropriate to both macroscopic and microscopic phenomena. The elements of our theory are: the intellect, non-classical mathematics (discrete geometry, partition and dimensionality theorems, 4-operators – all invented by us), and experiment”.

There is indeed no doubt that time, just as it did for scientists before him, will vindicate this great Nigerian scientist. We therefore congratulate him on his many contributions, not just in theoretical physics and applied mathematics, but to science in general.

Coordinator, Science Nigeria Lectures
And Chairman, Global Science Development Initiatives

(click on picture for details)

After Memorial Service, New Orleans Jazz for Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Okpalobi




Relevance of Estate Surveyors and Valuers in Urban Renewal in Nigeria


The Management and Staff of Godec Appraisal Services LLC would like to express our profound support to the NIGERIAN INSTITUTION OF ESTATE SURVEYORS AND VALUERS, ABIA STATE BRANCH and all the Participants in the “Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Workshop”.
As you brainstorm on “The Relevance of Estate Surveyors and Valuers in Urban Renewal in Nigeria” especially when the nation is battling with decaying cities with a dire need for Urban Renewal and Maintenance Culture,

I hope that you will rise from this seminar with a new zeal to use your
training and expertise in the landed profession to move the nation forward. New visions are overdue. Our present generation carries more responsibility than any generation alive on planet Earth before, and you the participants of this conference are at the forefront to chart a new course and expand the scope of the industry which seems to be thinning out by the day. I salute the effort of the organizing committee, members of the State Branch and the State Executive Members under the leadership of Esv. Chief Jude Arukwe.
We are proud to be associated with this branch and I wish everyone a successful discourse.

For: Management



Nkalu-ukwu 1 of Amankalu Igbere

HRH Eze Charles Onwukwe Iheke
Eze Charles Onwukwe Iheke
Nkalu-ukwu 1 of Amankalu Igbere Autonomous Community
- 2019
On November 4th 2019, HRH Eze Charles Onwukwe Iheke, Nkalu-ukwu 1 of Amankalu, Igbere passed on.  On November 9, after announcing his passing at Amankalu Igbere, the community declared a 4-day mourning period covering Afo, Nkwo, Eke, Orie (market days) and began to commiserate with a traditional 7 gun salute after beating of the ikoro.  The Eze’s council, community executives, and other community members came out in traditional dancing displays around Igbere to honor their fallen leader.  May his soul rest in peace.

HRH Eze Charles Onwukwe Iheke
Ikoro Amankalu located at Isiegbu

Abraham Madu Ụmụ nne Abrahamụọgụ Aṅụsịobi Madụ.
Ikoro nkea dịkwa egwuoooooooooooooooo,HO! HA!
Biko jisie nụ ike Chekwa ya bụ Ikoro ọfụma ka ndị Ụka ghara ire ma ọbụ kpụọ ya ọkụ.
Anaghị ahụ Ugo kwada.
Anyị hụrụ Ugo-Ikoro a hụrụ ihe dị mma,HO! HA!
Ana mụ anụ ụda ya bụ Ikoro ugbua.
Osisi eji tụa ya bụ Ikoro adịghịzịkwa ugbua.
Ka anyị Chekwa nụ nkea ka onye ofu anya na eche anya nkea fọrọ afọ kai he ghara ịrụkpọ kwu ya.
Ya kpọtụba!
Ya gazie.
Ụmụ nne Abrahamụọgụ Aṅụsịobi Madụ.

Sonny Allison, Fedex Red Star Express Founder Answers The Big Question: Who is an entrepreneur?

Ohanaeze plans big for Zik, Ojukwu, Biafra heroes

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo has unveiled plans to immortalise foremost nationalist and Nigeria’s first president, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, leader of the defunct Republic of Biafra, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, governor of former Eastern region, Dr. Akanu Ibiam and those who fought the cause of Biafra, whether living or dead

Humble Professor Eme Ekekwe, A man of Integrity

To my amiable, kind, assertive, simple, courageous, humble, peaceful, eloquent and greatest benefactor , Prof. Eme Nwachukwu Ekekwe, congratulations on your well deserved and meritorious retirement as a lecturer in the University of Port-Harcourt. My mentor and coach, Uncle, academician, erudite scholar , I am glad you have produced so many people whose inks will continue to scribble your vision about the Nigeria state and life generally. I am super excited that I have tapped and will continue to tap from your wealth of experience. You have always been a great motivator. As you retire, may your hand never get tired of holding a pen.
Thanks for all you have been to me

click on image to see and hear Professor Eme Ekekwe speaking at an event


Ezumezu (Convention) of Igbere Progressive Association International in Canada 2019

Members of Igbere Progressive Association (IPAIINC) in a group picture during the 2019 Ezumezu in Canada

Click image for details


Anire Okogun big 50

to Anire Amorighoye Celey-Okogun

Happy Wonderful Golden Birthday my love.

Click image for details

Inauguration of Igbere Development Association in USA

Members of Igbere Development Association in a group picture at Silverspring MD during the inauguration Gala and fund raising

Councilmember at largeWill Jawando of Montgomery county

Ola Famuyiwa of Leeds Realty Inc., Chairman of the occassion

Click image for details



Ohamadike International War Dancers at Achalla-Ibusa Delta State for the burial of Dr. Ifeanyi Okpalobi, February 1, 2019

Okpalobi wake in New Orleans
An old African proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child.”
Well it  also takes a village to bury a Diokpa Ifeanyichukwu Charles  Anthony Okpalobi,
Nwanne di na mba, dike ka ibu. Na ihi nka-a, Ohamadike International (Bende War Dance) si na Bende LGA Abia State bia isi gi laa na udo.
Kaomesia Doc!

Okpalobi goes home to Achalla Ibusa, Delta State Nigeria


INEC must resist staggered elections -Mike Ahamba



Eme Ekekwe: Big parties confusing populace, small parties offering no sustainable alternatives

Click on Niki picture for details

Remembering Dr. Ndubuisi Kaonyeuloaso Chukunta


Imagine The Ikoro Sound when Iroko tree falls

Imagine The Ikoro Sound when Iroko tree falls


Click image for details


Click image for details


Match 87: Delhi Dynamos FC vs FC Pune City - Presentation Ceremony

Kalu Uche recieves award in India Soccer

2019: Former Central Bank of Nigeria Deputy Governor, Moghalu, Declares Interest In Presidency

Communications minister says Zinox can rival world’s best technologies if…

Chief Leo Stan Eke of ZINOX Computers

Nigeria at 57 Celebration in Newark New Jersey Flag Raising Event by Newark and NIDO

NIDO New Jersey Chapter Flag Raiser event in Newark NJ

South Africa Tourism Targets West Africa

Umu Igbo Unite 11th Annual Convention 2015, Newark, New Jersey

Emeka Okpukpara Jr, Ugochukwu Nwaokoro and Iheke Isaac
Deputy Mayor of Newark NJ Ugochukwu
Nwaokoro representing Mayor Ras Baraka, welcomes Emeka Okpukpara Jr., President of Umu Igbo Unite to Newark as Isaac Iheke representing Igbo Basics Publications concludes the interview (click pic for details)

UIU Nigeria Lawyers Association Umu Igbo Unite

New Generion, New View, Building Bridges Together

DNA Tested African Descendants Naming Ceremony

Prince Eluemuno Nnamdi Naja Chinere Njoku

The naming ceremony performed by Eze Nri along with Naja Chinyere, and others at the Igbo Farm Village, Frontier Culture Musuem, Staunton VA, USA



Preservation of African Culture

Zebrudaya interview

Tree beauty
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Members of ICAS Aba 1950s

Ikoro Amankalu

Mazi A. E. Ukonu
aka Ukonu's Club
1930 - 2021

Members of ICAS Aba 1950s
Members of I.C.A.S Aba 1950s

Today and Yesteryears

Lemmy Ijioma
'a man of integrity'

Beauty sign
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Inspector James Kalu Obiegwu,
Enlisted in NPF Nov 17, 1957

Obituary signDr. Ifeanyi Okpalobi
Dr. I.C.A Okpalobi
1942 - 2018

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Jennifer Edobi


Johnson Udeagha from Apanu Item Abia State, passed away in
Yonkers NY USA



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