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Iya Diana Ojukwu Igu

Mrs. Dina Ikediya Ojukwu Igu (a.k.a Iya Diana)
1918 - 2017

Born around 1918 there were no birth or baptismal certificates at the time in many families when birth was recorded by oral tradition, e.g. they farmed so, so and so farmland or the moon was positioned at X point… so there was no birth record. Suffice it to say that the other yard stick for measuring age was the Age-Grade system which often falls within certain years bracket of say, 3 years or there about.  Any pinpoint at the age of Iya Dina is pure speculation.
They were 4 women born of the same womb from their mother Mmecha Ochuoha who originated from Umuozeke Eziama Igbere and married to Agu Arisa of Ihungwu Amankalu Igbere.

Their mother Nmecha died early so the four sisters Chief Mrs. Mgbo Iheke, Ikodiya Dina Ojukwu Igu, Mrs. Ukaefi Jesse Iboko and Iya Ihudiya Ochonga Agu Arisa, were brought up at Ndiokwuoma, Ibina Uku Igbere under Pa Oyeka Eke.

IYA DINA had several children mostly male and 2 girls. Due to lack of medical care or inadequate health care awareness in those days, all her children died.  If it was the modern era, some if not all the children would have survived. The last noteable child of Iya Dina was Esoweonu who died during the Nigeria/Biafra war.

Iya Din was married to Pa Ojukwu Igu, a sharp shooter and great hunter of Ndi’mbe Ibina Igbere.  Though she lost all her children, she was very well loved by her family and other children of her husband in a polygamous setting.
She was very close to her sisters and particularly Chief Mrs. Mgbougo Grace Iheke hence her strong bond with Umuobasi Amankalu Igbere where she spent several years after the death of her husband.
Iya Dina was preceded in death by her 3 sisters, Iya Ochonga,Chief Mrs. Mgbo Iheke,and Mrs. Ukaefi Jesse Iboko.

Iya Dina was a member of the Ohabuike Age Grade along with the likes of Justice Agbai Ikwechegh and others. Like her sister, Dina was a traditionalist with solid spiritual affirmation.

Mamas 1 2 3
Iya Diana 2005

Iya Diana 2012
Mama 2 with Nne and Eze Iheke
Mama2 and her senior sister Mgbo Iheke as Eze Charles Iheke respects
with Mama 1 and Mama 3
Iya Diana senior sister of Jesse Iboko a.k.a Mama 2
with Mama 1 and Mama 3
Jesse Ukaefi Iboko in Houston Texas USA

Mama 2 and Nne
Mama and her senior sister Nne at St Michael

Mama 2
Mama at 36c St Michaels Road going to bury Nne

In her last days, if you went through the front entrance to Ndi’Mbe to see Iya Dina, you must pass obi Ndi’Mbe which houses the great Ikoro seen here. The sounding of the Ikoro to herald the burial of Iya Dina Ojukwu Igu is a testament to the greatness of a Phoenix among my last great aunties gone in Igbere, Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria.

Ikoro at Ndi'mbe

with Mama 1 and Mama 3
Iya Diana 2014 with Mrs. Erimma Ukeje (Mama Elesie)

with Mama 1 and Mama 3
Loved by the Children at Ndi'mbe
with Mama 1 and Mama 3
Iya Diana's relatives at Eze Iheke's Palace, Umuobasi Amankalu Igbere

Iya Dina and Opiegbe 2012
Iya Diana and Iya Mary
Iya Diana and Iya Mary

Mama 2 accompanied her sister recieving chieftency tittle from Eze Sampson Ukaegbu the Ebiri ii of Igbere
Iya Dina at her senior sisters burial 2001
Iya Dina at her senior sister's burial 2001 in Umuobasi Amankalu Igbere


Fridayday, October 13

Friday, October 13

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Body departs Alayi to Igbere

Service of songs at Igbere

Lying in State
Traditional wake (traditional Imu anya Abali)
at Nd' Mbe

Traditional Burial (traditional Ipaba Mmadu at Nd'Mbe Ibina, Igbere

My family and I thank you for being here today.


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